My Yorkshire Garden


The garden’s life began in 2009. We moved to South Park in September 2008 and there was absolutely no garden, just a stretch of grass straight to the house. No hard landscaping and no definition within the garden. It was crying out to be created and loved. My dream was to create a garden which would be in keeping with the house and soften the house.

To me, the house looked as though it had been dropped from the sky and landed in a particular spot with nothing around it. I really felt as a family we needed a garden we could use and love. I was lucky enough to have grown up in the Northumbrian countryside and lived in a house with a beautiful garden. Both my parents were very keen gardeners, even though my darling Mummy says she was the true gardener and “your father loved chopping things down”. Nothing has changed!

How did I start?

As the house is so symmetrical my initial design honoured the symmetry of the house. I started with the hard landscaping, there was no terrace so the terraces were the first areas, we entertain quite a bit and love to eat outside so we wanted a larger area for table and chairs.

From the terraces, the paths evolved and rose avenue. I was very lucky and with all my savings bought my beautiful Greenhouse where I spent all my time! This is where Sash in the Garden was born! It is my safe haven and best friend.

Garden Rooms

When creating a garden, I always start from looking from the inside out. This helps you see where the vista points are from the house and what you will see when standing in various areas of the house. I believe this to be crucial to any design as you spent a lot of the year inside looking out! I knew I wanted avenues and I felt the garden need a framework, a back bone. For this I chose Yew hedging, for me, the most majestic of all hedging and it doesn’t take as long as you think.

All the plants were very small and often grown from cuttings and seedlings. I have added many areas over the years and the newest area is the Weaping Pear Avenue underplanted with Ornamental Grasses, Verbascum, Spirea, Hebe rakiensis and interplanted with various annuals.