Winter Candle 50cl

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Winter Candle

I am delighted to have launched the Sash in the Garden 3 Wick Winter Candle. I have always loved candles and filling the house with delicious scents, there is little that beats a beautiful burning candle. The candles are made locally in Yorkshire. 100% natural ingredients, 100% soy wax and essentials oils. The most natural of all candles. The Winter Candle is a perfect combination of cinnamon, clove and orange, the perfect Christmas candle🎄

50cl – 50- 60 hours burning

Recommended burning time of two to four hours. Always trim the wick prior to relighting. Once melted to the rim, extinguish the candle and allow the soy to harden before relighting. The 50cl candles should give you 50- 60 hours of burning.

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